Friday, March 6, 2009

moi? in the Guinness World Records?

"De ban boss, de ban!"
I am delirious with joy! Another ban just flew into my new mail and I just might qualify for the Guinness World Records! Now this ban was rather unique... though not completely unexpected. I was banned from a cooking forum! I had posted my absolutely delicious recipe for a side dish of stuffed derma and recommended it be served with cholent. It was not the stuffed derma that created the tsimmes, it was the cholent. It was a secret family recipe and I decided to share it. I adore a nice cholent with a little oshi sabo. Don't ask the uproar! I had to defend this excellent sweet and sour addition as an ingredient to the cholent. I was chagrined and miffed. Nobody messes with my recipe for cholent or criticizes what was considered gourmet. And the next thing I knew members were fighting with me in the forum like Haystacks Calhoun and Bruno Sammartino during their best matches. It was the cholent that took me down this time. My ban said I was acting like a nishtikeit. What do they know from a mensch? A klog tzu meineh somin!
So many bans, so little time. I am licking my chops to see which message board will kick me to the curb next. This is fun. It's a challenging hobby, almost as good as chess. Ban me once, shame on you; ban me twice shame on the horse they all rode in on. Or something like that. Is that me sticking out my tongue? How rude! They should have banned me from the jump rope game!

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