Monday, March 23, 2009

get back!

My anonymous commenter went undergound and will not resurface! The nerve! There can be few reasons for that move. The most obvious is that he felt I was onto his identity. Of course, the fool would say he stopped commenting because he got bored with my drivel. But, he loved insulting me too much for me to buy into that theory.

I was red hot when I said it was somebody connected to TWoP. But, for me to have guessed so spot on who it was probably never crossed his mind and he freaked out. The dope has seen his 15 minutes. And he is young. His sidekick is young, too. She is younger than I am and looks old enough to be my auntie. I have one word for her: Botox. As for him, I have three words: find a job.

I predict that in these economic times, TWoP will soon be dumped. Is it such a cash cow? If it was... why did the top three cheeses leave. Big mistake, Huge. When you have a good job, you don't leave to stand on an unemployment line. No matter how the site is conceptually and creatively changing direction.

I bet Gawker could dig and uncover that true story. In the meantime, get back my anonymous commenters. I am begging.

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