Thursday, March 26, 2009

laundry carts: so not pristine

Yikes! Good freakin' grief! The residents here have been observed going down to the laundry room in the basement and taking the laundry carts up to their apartments for the purpose of using the carts to bring their dirty laundry to the basement so they can do their wash. Other residents in the basement dump their dirty laundry into those carts and then load the washing machines with their soiled clothes piece by piece from the cart.

I have actually seen some of the residents' dirty laundry. One guy's boxers were covered in (redacted) stains. Another dude's socks were so dirty rigamortis had set in. Another woman's pajamas were covered in cat hair. And another woman put her dirty slippers in one of those carts. One woman laughed and said she was washing her sheets covered in diarrhea. And these carts are where I have been placing my clean laundry as it comes out all nice from the machine. Then I roll the cart over and place my clean clothes in the dryer!!

Why does everybody think it is OK to use those carts for dirty laundry? I am vomiting from these habits. I am trapped in a ken brechen world. Wake-up, Marjorie. This sure ain't the Plaza! And two words to the dudes who live here: laundry bags. You can buy one on the cheap at the Container Store.


Anonymous said...

the residents of
201 W 18th St are not pleased

Marjorie said...

So if the residents of that building are not pleased tell them to advise the residents in my building about the correct use of laundry carts.
I appreciate the communities help regarding this cause! Perhaps city council will introduce legislation for the proper and hygienic use of laundry carts.
Thanks for your building's support! I am happy more residents of the community feel the same way and are also not pleased about this matter.

Fastidious Fran said...

What are they not pleased about? On a windy day did they catch a whiff?

Marjorie said...


Rhoda Reveals said...

I guess the anonymous comment above was designed to be some sort of shocking reveal.... but it does not even make sense.

Why would the residents at that named address be not pleased? Do they use those laundry carts?

Oh, this anonymous idiot thinks that is where you live? She is trying to say you displeased your neighbors with the blog entry about their habits.

Yeah OK, now I get it. She was trying to generate some self-needed pussy intrigue and scare the wits out of you. Yawn!

Marjorie said...


so fun!