Thursday, March 26, 2009

furniture, this way please

It is mandated that all furniture arriving to my apartment building be delivered through this doorway on the side of the building. Nice! Take a good look. The sidewalk is covered with dog shit and spit. I have heard this entrance to the building called "piss alley."

I might order new carpet. The truck will double park on this street so the carpet can be taken off the truck and brought into the building. If the delivery men follow form, they will take the carpet off the truck and set it down onto the street before they lift it and carry it down this path through the basement and onto the elevator to reach my apartment on the fifth floor.
I am thinking way ahead. I better get up bright and early on that day and cover the street and sideway with heavy duty plastic. I sure do not want them putting my brand new carpet in a fresh pile of dog shit.

Residents are also instructed to move into and out of the building through this pathway. I saw a moving van parked on this street during a new resident's move into the building. They took pieces of her furniture off the truck and set the pieces on the sidewalk that you can see in this photo. They certainly could not carry all the pieces at the same time. Pedestrians passed by and spit, dogs walked past and pissed, garbage was tossed onto the sidewalk... and the furniture sat in that hot mess until it was taken upstairs. It all makes for such a nice setting. So bucolic, don't you think?

I cannot have anything delivered here ever again nor can I ever move. Not unless my stuff is airlifted onto and from the roof.

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