Saturday, March 14, 2009

enquiring minds want to know

Why did the top three cheeses leave TWoP about a year ago... and why did a sycophant follow them shortly thereafter out the door? They all seemed to be drunk on their own unchallenged power, and that must have been a heady aphrodisiac from which to walk away. And they did not "quit" to go immediately into other jobs. They walked straight onto the unemployment line. And why would Bravo want to get rid of employees that were good at their jobs? The whole thing made no sense. And the entire incident was shrouded under more secrecy than the identity of Deep Throat.
I am positive that they loved working at 30 Rock. It must have been great fun to walk into that building everyday... feeling all empowered and important. And then to be able to sit all coy doing your thing with nobody watching over your shoulder must have been like the ultimate seductive elixir.
This is quite a mystery and the "wondering" media faded away faster than a Justin Guarini CD. Some insiders know, but they ain't talkin'. Too bad. The cheeses could have milked their 15 minutes by telling that story. What's to be gained by the silent act? Did they all sign a gag order? They should contact a high profile publication like Vanity Fair and spill already. Tell the story. Was it a buyout, did they quit because they did not like the direction of the site, or were they... (gasp) fired?
Go on "60 Minutes" or "20/20." I say this because time passes quickly, my good friends... and if you don't reach for that one moment, that special experience that gave you a juicy story to tell.... one day you will be just like me. Writing about the memories. Just ask me about that day in March 1985 when.... oh well, let's save it for another blogging day.

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