Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh, the joys of the Clearview Chelsea Cinema theater

I walked over today to the Clearview Chelsea Cinema to see the movie "Chloe." Yikes! it was BAD. However, the Chelsea has some great programs. They schedule "Live Events" from The Metropolitan Opera and they also show "Chelsea Classics," hosted by Hedda Lettuce!

Look! On May 6th, they are showing "Harold and Maude!" I would so love love love to go with darling RB! What a great opportunity for photo ops, as well. What an event! It would rival the Dean and Jerry reunion. It would rival a Sopranos sequel! It would be better than a Star Trek convention! E! could have Joan Rivers host the arrivals on a red carpet. The two of us at a "Harold and Maude" screening with Hedda Lettuce! Sigh, an old retired woman can have her fever dreams! (I am so tongue-in-cheek, I need Orajel!)

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Marjorie said...

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