Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a wake-up call

Here's a funny story. So, I am online with my AIM play screen name and "talking" to a guy who constantly IMs me after midnight. I told l him I am 63 etc. etc etc. I sent him some pics, all recent, so he could put a face to the ongoing conversation. He won't send a photo... I suspect he is either married (and bored) or "he" could be a "she." Or "he" could be my Aunt Sadie who is a notorious insomniac. He could be anybody; he probably is a nobody.
People play many mind games on the computer. You never know to whom you are "talking." I never "talk" to him about anything deeper than books, movies, or travel.

Anyway... he persists with the IMs. He speaks of "love." I think he is living on Fantasy Island. I could block him, but he seems to be addicted to these IMs and I feel sorry for him. But, I laugh.

People love to hide behind their computer in anonymous games. They protect their identity, yet thrive on the reveals of others. So, I am left to imagine a visual.

Realizing that "nameless and faceless" could be anybody is a reality check, a wake-up call. "Anonymous" on a computer speaks volumes.
OK, Shopper out.
Today: a "house" tour! Photos later.

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