Friday, June 6, 2008

Another bittersweet memory

Brian Koppleman and me: Stand-up NY comedy club: April 11, 2007: huge fight.
Nuff' said. In terms of reality "performance art," we could have won an Emmy! But, we did a kiss-and-makup. It's all good. Hey, Brian? I heard you audiotaped the fight. So did I. Funny stuff, huh? Ready for a rematch? I will verbally rip you a new one again. I am licking my chops.
How do I get into all this crap? He's off working on "Frankie Machine" and I am blogging about narisha zach. This is the hell that is my life. My life is "the null set."
I wait for a diagnosis. Until then, it's all about On Demand TV. "Rosie Phoner" is on Howard TV. They couldn't show some "Playhouse 90s?"

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