Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Safe" at Studio Dante

I saw "Safe" tonight at Studio Dante, which is Michael Imperioli's' little jewel box theater. from "The play concerns three relative strangers, Ginger, Van, and Muzzy, who are bound by their self-destructive tendencies, their common desire for a fresh start, and their will to survive." It stars Patch Darragh, Alfredo Narciso, and Jess Weixler. It is a terrific play, very well-acted and intensely structured. Try to get over there and see it. It has a short run, only until June 29th. It was a great night in the theater. I love Studio Dante. The playwrights never fail to deliver. And tonight, I sat next to Sharon Angela (Rosalie Aprile, from "The Sopranos.")

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