Thursday, June 12, 2008

Startling parallels

In this alternate universe: hilarious
The members of a message board were discussing the reason for a TWoP banning: was the post for which she was banned "snotty" or was it a "boards on boards?" Was it some other form of nonsense the banned member wrote that would give her reply in the TWoP forum thread the status of a true font felony? Then, lo and behold, the mod who banned her appears on the scene! She had lifted the ban and removed all warnings but she arrives to explain why it happened. She argues and explains the important sequence of events like she is Clarence Darrow at at the Scopes Trial. It's a laugh riot. She sure "set the record straight." This snappin' activity could grow on me. It is an acquired taste. It makes me in my little saga look like a lawyer at the McDonald's scalding coffee spill case.
P.S. And who the f*$k is "Sasquatch?" Yikes, I would have an easier time following and understanding "Swan's Way!"
"snotty?" did I see that correctly?


sockpuppet1 said...

I am plotzing over here from this!

sockpuppet2 said...

a better question: who in the heck is "Ackles?"

the bride of chucky said...

Sasquatch is Bigfoot, you idiot! And Ackles is Jensen Ackles, the star of "Supernatural." You freakin' old bat, stick to Bette Davis and Joan Crawford films.

Frances Jeanette Fontaine said...

Seriously Marjorie darling, your predilection for "speaking in tongues" has me quite worried about you. Are you on proper medication?