Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh, blow it out of your toches, sir!

I found this letter I had written to "Vanity Fair" on June 12, 2006:

If the article "As American as Apple Pie" (Christopher Hitchens, July) was written by Al Goldstein, would it have been published in "Vanity Fair?" Mr. Hitchens speaks from an historical, artistic, and literary perspective about what he calls "the nation's signature sex act." He also carefully interjects some tongue-in-cheek humor regarding the pastime.
I finished the piece feeling like it could be described as "Anais Nin meets Dorothy Parker." After a few stiff drinks at the Algonquin, they create with wanton abandon what they believe to be a witty and sophisticated sequel to "Debbie Does Dallas."
Perhaps the act is an acquired taste which is necessary for full appreciation of Mr. Hitchen's work. But, I asked around in my America, and those who do not indulge as well as major c*cksuckers had the feeling the article was better than a 10 mg Sominex.

Letter not published.

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