Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Columbia Silver Company

I found some silver collectors discussing (at an internet message forum) my father's long gone business. I am one of the daughters of one of the brothers who owned Columbia Silver Company. The silver company was located in Brooklyn on MacDonald Avenue. It went completely out of business in the 70s. No records remain. By 1994, all the three brothers had passed away. A photo of the three brothers, from 1916, can be found at this blog under "Genealogy."

Columbia Silver Company discussed at a message forum:

a VERY Art Nouveau style


Karen G said...

I just inherited a 4 pc quad plated columbia silver plated set. It was a wedding gift to my great grandparents June 8 of 1899. They lived in Minnesota. Where was the company? The stamp actually looks like it says Oclumbia....could that be? Is there a good way to clean the oxidization or should I just leave that? I do want to display it. Thanks for any help. I consider it a special treasure as My husband and I were also married on June 8!

Marjorie said...

Hi, Karen. Thank-you so much for your comment. I will try to help.
Columbia Silver Company was in Brooklyn, NY. In 1899, my ancestors were still in Russia, so I do not think your silver plated set was made at Columbia Silver Company.
In terms of cleaning the oxidation, you can Google "NYC silver cleaning" and find some silver businesses that can give you advice over the phone.
Thanks again and enjoy the set!

PattiO said...

Hi Marjorie.......I recently found a beautiful little teapot that has totally oxidized, but still looks wonderful. It has very intricate flower stippled on the front. Both the spout and the handle are engraved with designs. The rim of the bowl what almost looks like ruffles and on top of the attached lid is a beautiful little fan of flowers. On the bottom of the teapot it looks like this




0 1 5

Similar to Karen G's letter, the word almost looks like CCLOUMBIA.

Is there some way you can tell me if this little teapot is from your ancestor's shop? I would like to know more about it and if there are any dealers who might know of their work. If you can, could you send me the email address of Karen G or some way you can contact her and have her contact me. Perhaps we are dealing with the same artists........thank you for any help you can provide...Patricia O'Neil,

Marjorie said...

I replied in an E-mail to you from my E-mail address.

Catherine Anderson said...

I live in Southern California and my mother came across the same teapot that Patty described. My number on the bottom in 016 and says Columbia Silver Co. Quadruple. I would also like to get some information on the history of this teapot, year produced and how many, current value. My grandmother passed away so we aren't sure how she acquired it. Her husband family from minnesota and she North Dakota. We believe it could have been given to her from my Godmother how is also not with us anymore. It is a beautiful teapot.

Marjorie said...

I am sorry I cannot help you Catherine. I am not knowledgeable about any of the pieces my father's company manufactured.

If you send me a private E-mail, I can direct you to a shop in NYC that deals in antigue silver. Maybe they can help.

Catherine Anderson said...

Marjorie here is my email address

Thank you Catherine Anderson