Friday, May 2, 2008

Ten Shout-Outs plus one

1. Brian Koppelman, writer of "Ocean's Thirteen"- Hi! Remember that huge fight we had last year (on April 11th) at Stand-up NY comedy club? Wow, that was a doozy, huh? I yelled, "Write an act, buddy. I am not your act." I really went ballistic. In terms of reality "performance art," we could have won an Emmy! But, we did a kiss-and-makup. It's all good.
2. Alan Berliner, documentary filmmaker of "Wide Awake"- Thanks for inviting me to join (on Nov. 14th) the class from NYU about archiving old photos. I took your advice and put "The Family" on a blog. It's up, and I am happy.
3. Robert Siegel, founder of "The Onion" and writer of "The Wrestler"- Thanks for the audition. Did I get the part? lol
4. Georginna L., former 4th grade student from my class of 1969- It was nice seeing you in Duane Reade. You brought back wonderful memories of my long career.
5. Gabriel Byrne, actor- It was great having the opportunity to talk to you on a busy NYC street about "In Treatment." You are a phenomenal actor and the series is one of the best I have ever seen.
6. Joan, retired teacher- It was great bumping into you at Le Singe Vert. So, are we going to Pittsburgh to see Falling Water?
7. Fran, my wonderful Moravian friend, descendant of Patrick Henry- Go get 'em baby! Give 'em all hell!
8. Sue, my former colleague and old best friend- Time to let bygones be bygones.
9. Valley Stream, my hometown- It was a great place to grow up.
10. Nell, you know who you are- Goodnight my "Mrs. Calabash," wherever you are.

And last: a shout-out to all the other "night people" out there... from Long John Nebel to Joey Reynolds to Les Crane. At 3 AM on channel 117, you can catch old reruns of "What's My Line." Last night, the mystery guest was Sally Rand. Need I say more?

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