Monday, May 26, 2008

Backdoor Gifts

I always wanted an apartment that faced the Hudson River. I did not have to be a rocket scientist or psychic to realize It was so never going to happen. But, I always longed for that glorious river view where I could watch the sailing boats and occasionally catch a glimpse of a cruise ship as it pulled into a pier.
I joined a health club with a pool. It is on the 44th floor of a westside building and the outdoor terrace has a spectacular view of Manhattan and the river. You can even see over into New Jersey and up to the George Washington Bridge. Inside by the pool area I can pull a chair over to a floor-to-ceiling window and have a phenomenal view of technicolor sunsets. I spent a good deal of today over there and I realized life has a way of delivering small gifts right through the back door. Now, if I could only find a partner there for a few good games of Rummy-Q... I will have reached Nirvana.

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