Saturday, May 31, 2008

Andrea Peyser in today's NY post

reply to: NY sure to shun lost 'City'
To: Andrea Peyser
Wow. You need to lighten up. I also saw the big-screen version of "Sex and the City." It's pure fluff, and what's not to enjoy? You describe the main characters as "four aging broads," and you criticize their looks. I am surprised that you would define any woman in such narrow and superficial terms as a "croaking Norma Desmond." So, the acting is "depressed to hysterical" and the dialogue is "recycled"... big deal.
When I got to the Clearview Chelsea, the midnight showing was sold out... but some young guy with contagious euphoric excitement offered me a ticket. And he refused to take money from me for it. The film was introduced by "Hedda Lettuce" and the energy, screams, laughter, applause, and excitement of the audience during the film made it a true NY experience. I loved it. So did the other New Yorkers.
And, by the way... I recently turned 61 and I was just dumped (really.) I see no reason to "hang" myself. I might just book a little trip to Turnberry. There's always the possibility of another over 65 year old gent waiting around the corner... If I considered my life a "horror show," I would stop passing open windows.
"Sex" does not suck. Your article does.

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