Thursday, May 15, 2008

Selective reading, anyone?

In another corner of the internet, at the "Soapbox," the comics are still whining that "the inmates are running the asylum." So, their knee-jerk reaction is to leave the "Soapbox" and blog at their own sites.
They empower others far too much. It's the typical forum activity: fight, ridicule, and "get goat." A simple solution would have been to not read other comics' blogs. That would have been easy. But, they could not help peeking. Then, they typed absurd fights. They never saw how they instigated and provoked; how they denigrated so much worse than their font opponent. And finding no relief for their anger, they decided to all jump ship, leaving the big cheese who owns the site to maybe one day stand alone. They are all running out of there now like good little lemmings.
Oh, and the "Soapbox" was so proud of how the blogs were "uncensored." That appears to blatantly contradict throwing people out for the content of their own personal blogs. Another internet mess! The comics stopped writing in their own blogs because they did not like what other comics wrote in theirs. Makes sense? "The Stepford Blogs," next on Bill O'Reilly.
They cannot blame me... I was out of there months ago. Who cared what other comics put in their blogs. Such a mob mentality. Nobody is willing to step up and away from the group. Some use the excuse: "I pick my battles." Or: "I don't want to get involved." Or: "I remained quiet." They have a real need to be a "member of the club." Maybe they think they will get more comedy spots that way. They can scaffold off each other. Pass the bucket.
(And don't you just love how the worst insult they can deliver is to call somebody "crazy?" Love it! Such cyber analysts, they are. Real online Thematic Appercetion test adminstrators.)
Truth: I was thrown off for what Steve called: "rubbing people the wrong way." In font, no less! All they had to do was not read my blogs. And he prides himself on his "uncensored" site! A bit of a contradiction, no? Well, apparently months later after I was gone and long forgotten they all were really rubbed the wrong way MORE by some other comic "inmate" and they quit Steve's precious "Soapbox." I knew he was not handling it correctly. That's when you let "majority rule." The majority makes rules that are not consistent and which suit their own agenda. You cannot give power to a clique. It removes a barometer of fairness. And the structure of the site backfired, because in the end they as a group seem to have quit anyway. They tried to control what other comics wrote, instead of empowering themselves and how they reacted to it.
Morale of the story: there's always a "scapegoat." And when there is no "scapegoat," we get bored and invent problems so we can become Don Quixotes and behave like predictible Pavlog dogs and have something to do. And power always wants more power. It morphs into more manipulation and desire for control such as: "Do what we want, what is best for us, what enhances our opinions and point of view, or we leave." And they did. I am glad, I must admit.
I am reminded of the Martin Niemoller quote. However, in this case... its not exactly applicable. They imploded, and fell like a house of cards.... in a snarky way hoisted by their own petards, through the back door.

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