Friday, May 2, 2008

When the menus pile up

from 12/04/07 NY Post:

This is very sad. How could anybody not know this woman was missing? Didn't the utility companies see a red flag when bills went unpaid? Didn't neightbors wonder why the house was always dark (or lit?) Finally her nephew filed a missing-person report and the police forced open her door and came upon the body. Alarms are sounding in my head. This could happen to me! I could be found years from now dressed in my housecoat and slumped at my computer keyboard. My cup of hot cocoa on the table would long have evaporated. The sushi restaurant menus that were slipped under the door would be piled in a stack 4 feet high. My pension checks would continue with direct deposit. And Gladys would say: "I knew I should have called when she did not show up for her bringer." The only thing that would remain would be my pile of hair on the floor to my left from the trichotillomania. I just slapped myself across the face. I am such a pessimist.

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