Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bow-Wow Redux

Verbatim conversation while waiting for an elevator to take me up to the pool:
Me to dog owner: When the elevator comes, you can take it. I will wait.
Dog owner to me: He is very friendly. He doesn't bite. He has never bitten anybody.
Me to dog owner: I am sure he is a very friendly dog. The friendliest. Thank-you, I will wait for the next elevator.
Dog owner to me: You should see a psychiatrist to get over this.
Me to dog owner: Thank-you, it is something for which I choose not to receive any help to change. You can take the elevator when it comes, I will wait for the next one.
Elevator comes.
Dog owner to me as he refuses to take the elevator and walks away: You should have asked if he was friendly.
Me to dog owner: We have established he is very friendly and I told you I don't care. I don't care. I choose to wait for the next elevator. The elevator is yours.
Me to dog owner: If I had a snake wrapped around my neck as I was waiting for the elevator and I told you the snake was friendly and de-venomized, would you share an elevator with me?
Dog owner walked away in an angry huff.
Another Manhattanite who will have a story to tell about "the crazy lady."

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