Friday, May 2, 2008

Found my list, from 1/1/08

My Own: Out, In for 2008:
Out: Chelsea In: West of the Highline
Out: Manolos In: Taryn Rose
Out: buying In: renting in Brooklyn
Out: day jobs In: retirement
Out: cellphones In: caring about your brain cells
Out: roaches In: bedbugs
Out: anti-perspirant In: sweating out the toxins
Out: blogs in Crayolas In: black font
Out: leaps onto a stage In: stepstools
Out: producing shows In: doing shows for "Meetup" groups
Out: Vermeer In: Jack Kerouac
Out: Jackie Mason In: Isaac Bashevis Singer
Out: compliments In: giving the finger
Out: Da Silvano In: The Cheesecake Factory
Out: carpal tunnel syndrome In: plantar fascitis
Out: lockjaw In: loudmouths
Out: oxycontin In: smelling salts
Out: misogynists In: chiropodists
Out: Bill Maher In: Art Bell
Out: 40 In: 60

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