Tuesday, August 5, 2008

"Bartleby" at Lee Stranahan's site replies to me again re: TWoP

and here is my response:
Thank-you very much for your reply. I agree completely. I get it. I really do. It’s not even the “mods” with whom I am angry. They are what they are. It’s Bravo/NBC that riles me. They are the ones who should have properly addressed this after it was called to their attention.
At NBC’s official web page there is a link to “NBC Universal in the Community.”
They state: “NBC Universal is proud to support hundreds of programs and partnerships that have made a positive impact in our community. Committed to contributing funds, expertise and time, NBC Universal strives to improve our communities and the world around us.”
In 2007, the NBC Universal Foundation awarded $1.35MM in grants to the following non-profit organizations:
Abyssinian Development Corporation
Asian Professional Extension
ASPIRA of New Jersey
ASPIRA of New York
Learning Leaders
ThinkQuest NYC
(more organizations in other cities listed at their site)
Then I found this (about TWoP) at http://www.journalfen.net: “I was banned also. I had a warning about using proper grammar and punctuation. I e-mailed them and told them I had a learning disability and wouldn’t post anymore. Instead of answering my e-mail I was banned.”
What’s wrong with this picture? NBCU supports educational learning programs all over the country and when it is pointed out that somebody was “banned” for what appeared to be a learning disability, they do not address the matter? THIS is what I tried to expose!!! It was not my anger over losing the ability to contribute at the site. The bottom line to me is that a huge corporation like NBCU did not care to respond correctly to what is a real concern. They did not care and they did not care to “get it.” I still hope the right person shines a stronger light on what goes on over there, because all those absurd “bannings” are insulting and indeed hurtful to many who do not deliberately violate the “rules.”
(I was a teacher for 34 years and I am now retired. It’s amusing to me in an odd way that I taught 6th grade in Manhattan just 5 blocks from 30 Rock. TWoP, owned by NBC the great supporter of educational programs in the community, “banned” a 61 year old retired teacher for not beginning a sentence with a capital letter and not reading the 10 pages that came before her query. That is such irony to me that I shake my head in disbelief and laugh… at them, not me. They should be embarrassed.)

There are over 200 comments about TWoP and the mods' "bannings" at Lee Stranahan's website:

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