Monday, August 18, 2008

a new post for a sunny Monday

Let me think of a topic for today. OK, I have a topic: TWoP and "the bans." I will get back to you later with a special rant.
Bravo/NBC should be ashamed of themselves. They banned a retired NYC teacher who created an exceptional learning environment for sixth graders. This shows total disrespect for teachers. And they support learning programs in NYC?! It's all lip service. Based on my career longevity alone, they should have lifted the ban. (And check out that bulletin board) Nuch a mole, a teacher who had such creative bulletin boards they allowed to remain banned. Well, look at who banned me. A little pisher was given more status than me. It's disgraceful.
And a heads' up: I am working on putting this little episode into a human interest piece and submitting it for consideration to New York Magazine. I think the whole city will side with me and say, "If it means so much to the teacher, why don't they just lift her ban and let her go back? It is so ridiculous."

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