Tuesday, August 5, 2008

See-Saw Marjorie Daw in fever dreams

The fever dream continues:
My experience at TWoP has been like a see-saw ride: one day up and the next day down. But, I am now "up" and over at TWoP posting like an energizer bunny. By accident, my shift key did not work and I had to immediately go in and edit for capitalization. It's all good. I am making sure I do not interact with anybody because I don't want to be "boards on boards." I made a mistake and wrote this post: "I can't wait for EvEL DiCk to return to Big Brother... Um, he is da shiznit. Anybody who disagrees with me is whack and a jerk. Can somebody list the new HGs for BB10?" Then I got a PM from a member and she told me I was not following the "dos and don'ts," so I scrutinized those "dos and don'ts" more than William Jennings Bryan scrutinized the theory of evolution for the Scopes trial. Oh, the joy of it all. I was in like 7 threads having the time of my life. I registered four different user names at four different public computers just to cover my bases. I had so many E-mail addresses from which to choose: comcast, hotmail, earthlink... To catch me those mods will have to get lasik and morph into Dick Traceys. They will need to activate their GPS. I will post in basement threads or try to get lost in wildly popular threads. Duck and dodge, dodge and duck. This fever dream is in technicolor and wide screen. And the denoument is that I am so def the only poster that was banned in such celebrated fanfare and EVER CAME BACK. I pulled it off! TWoP is my site now, I totally own it. All other posters are making mere cameo appearances. Let's be honest. I got back and it was done in greater style than the Greek victory through the ruse of the Trojan horse! Tonight, I made a guest appearance in a "Hell's Kitchen" thread. This was my so spot-on comment: "Omg! What's up with those chefs not wearing gloves and handling food with bare hands? Yuck!" I am so astute. No other poster even comes close. I am the new Kay Gardella. Bow to my fame and glory!

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