Tuesday, August 19, 2008

a happy "energizer bunny"

Well, my blog is up and listed at my beloved: The Transition Network. What is "The Transition Network?" It is a network of women who believe "smart women don't retire, they break free." The Transition Network (TTN), is a vibrant community of more than 2500 women, predominantly from the New York City area, who are facing transitions by dynamically taking control of their lives. Most come from a spectrum of professions in business, government, health care, academia, not-for-profits and the Arts. And "Smart Women Don't Retire" is now a book by Gail Rentsch.

About TTN
TTN Mission

I am receiving E-mails from TTN members who are loving my blog. One E-mailer told me she most enjoyed my posts about my banning at TWoP. How funny is that? She said "(I) could totally identify with the frustrations of their heavy-handed moderating. I appreciate their commitment to keep conversations literate and postings grammatical, which does enhance my reading experience, but they can definitely go overboard." I so appreciated her kind words of validation and support. TTN is a group of women who are proactive, bright, and accomplished. They were in high level diverse career positions for many years in NYC. They are laughing at TWoP with me on this, not at me. And I love it.
I love it when instead of being ridiculed... I am validated, and by a group of bright women I admire and respect and whose opinions are so very appreciated and valued.
I will use every opportunity I get at the peer group meetings to embarrass TWoP and my ban. It ain't over till the fat lady sings and I have a severe case of laryngitis. The E-mails of support I am now receiving are like warm milk and honey.

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