Friday, August 29, 2008

oh, dear!

The principal was foolish enough to indicate and reveal her plan to my students, who all thought I was a great teacher! That same day, a few of my students tried to give me a kind "head's up." I appreciated their loyalty and soon thereafter the principal's pre-meditated scenario to get me "fired" unfolded and was carried out according to the script she had pre-written.

The principal observed a math lesson and rated it "unsatisfactory." Good grief! We all caught a whiff of something unsavory in the air. I was strong and confident in my competence. I began the last fight of my teaching career, and gathered my documentation.

I retired after 34 long years of teaching and continued this process. After a few months of hearings, I WON my grievance against her and the evaluation of that lesson was discarded based on the fact that before she even entered the room to do her observation, her preplanned agenda was to rate that lesson "U."

I stood like "Rocky:" frozen in a victorious freeze frame.  

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