Thursday, August 21, 2008


"She's going to use a peer group meeting with "bright, accomplished women" to talk about how she spends all day bellyaching about a ban from Twop?" (sic, I prefer TWoP)
uh.... you got that right, cyber-dude. (I would say cyber-putz, but I reserve that nomenclature for the more familiar)
It seems a bit less obtuse than many young incognitos who spend so much of their good time talking about and cyber-analyzing and assigning a personna to an old lady who bellyaches all day about a ban from TWoP...
He continues: "Heh, you guys talk as though you think marge (sic, Marge) ever leaves the house." This schmuck has created quite a dactylogram for me to suit his agenda. Now he has diagnosed me as an agoraphobic. I wonder why my fixation with my own TWoP ban sticks in his dopey craw? He calls me "dense" and "thick" and he never even met me.
Here is a poem to validate him for a Thursday afternoon:
Roses are red and violets are blue,
I don't get any comments: boo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
addendum: Please form the correct possessive for a proper noun ending in 's.' Talk about "wrong-headed...."
case in point: It is not "Barnes' blog." It is "Barnes's blog." Go find a Katherine Heigl lookalike and go on a date instead of analyzing what an old lady sticks in her blog, lmao.

to all who "sweat" me:

Maybe I will blog endlessly later about some cyber-phantom named who? Robert Blue? lmao redux, I think not!
Forget him; he is OUT and I am IN! Make me your: TOPIC! Now. Rule of thumb: if it is about ME, I read it. If it is about anybody else, I dismiss it. Now, off to the pool!

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