Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Keesha's laugh

I cannot post at TWoP because my ban was never lifted and I am unable to login with a new user name. They have mad ass GPS over there and won't send the validation E-mail so I can activate a new account. So, I am going to comment here about Big Brother 10. What the hell is with Keesha's laugh? What is that laugh? That sound is not human. It starts out with a loud "Nyeeeehhhhh" and them moves into an even louder sound that mimics a horse's whinny. She may not look ike "Mr. Ed," but there is nobody on this planet that has a laugh like that. Well, maybe a hyena or a dolphin. She should record it and use it as a demo tape for cartoon work. Can we all say "Keesha meet voiceovers, voiceovers meet Keesha." "Nyeeeehhhhh."
Also, April won the HOH window ledge competiton. At the end of it, she took a shower and apparently did not wash her hair. She shook out all that dust and soot that filled her hair and it billowed out in clouds of choking smoke. April? When your hair is covered with so much schmutz, wash your dirty hair.
Oh, the above photo? As I jumped rope, my face looked like her laugh sounds. Gasp! I looked like the child of Cyclops.

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