Wednesday, August 27, 2008

mirror, mirror, on the wall

Who is the most over-invested of all? Forget that sh*t. I had a lovely day at the rooftop pool. The view (from the 44th floor) of the Hudson River and Central Park is simply divine. I can see all the way west to New Jersey and all the way east to Queens. I recline on the shady and cool terrace and read. I wander into the sauna and sometimes the steam room. I sip my Snapple and drink in the shades of the technicolor sky. I admire the glorious sunsets from a place so high up that I feel like I am flying. It really is my oasis. Then I take the swift elevator down to the ground floor and the noisy city startles me into a reality check. The photo below was taken in January 1976. David was looking into his own mirror. He lived as a creative inspiration and he is greatly missed.

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