Friday, August 22, 2008

tidbits through time

This is a copy of the press listing for our comedy show at Trubbles. RIP, dear Trubbles. For years, we knocked it out of the park twice a week. Every female comic brought to the show her total 'A' game. We all were sad to see the demise of the restaurant and room. The other photo is a cast picture from "Mishkin's Paradise," September 2002. There I am, the second from the left... basking in the joy of the great reviews of our play.
I now appear in stand-up comedy shows at The Comic Strip. Please E-mail for details. Time marches on. Indeed, "smart women don't retire." They join MOMA, The NY Historical Society, and a pool and health club on the 44th floor of a building overlooking the Hudson River and Central Park. Today's lunch at the Union Square Cafe was marvelous.

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