Friday, August 29, 2008

The infamous NYC DOE's "rubber room"

Get real. NYC teachers know this BS deal. The NYC DOE is infamous for shipping off to the rubber room "whistle blowers." They trump up charges and make a 3020a case when a teacher is a threatening presence by vocally calling attention to problems or issues in the school.
Here are the stories of four:
Josh Gutterman (not "rubber roomed," just tormented)
Kimani Brown
Michael Thomas
David Pakter
Please read their stories and take a minute to learn and understand how vile this NYC Department of Education practice is. It is easy to have a long career in teaching in NYC if you are a lemming and a good toches lekker. And it helps to be a good spy and rat out teachers who are simply in their conversation implying the school is anything less than excellent. And make sure your room is decorated like a super sweet 16 party. But, if an excellent teacher is vocally critical about school policy or the administration... she is vulnerable for the "rubber room." And a mediocre teacher who, when asked how the school is, replies: "It's good," will be nominated for "Teacher of the Year." It's time to shine a light on this vile and wisepread agenda and expose it once and for all. All you need to succeed in teaching in NYC is evidence of a shiny brown nose.
“In the Soviet Union, the government silenced dissidents by placing them in psychiatric institutions; in New York City, the Department of Education silences teachers by placing them in ‘rubber rooms.’ I am fortunate that students and teachers speak for me.” — Michael Thomas
I applaud you Michael Thomas and I am proud to side with you, support you, and you are a role model for all who out of fear have as their mantra: "I don't want to get involved." Get involved. You go UFT! UFT forever! Randi Weingarten rocks!

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