Saturday, August 16, 2008

Join the club, Harvey!

bumped up because it is delicious...

... and I hope you rip NBC/Universal a new a--hole. There is an interesting lead story in today's NY Daily News in the Rush & Molloy column: "'Project' Gunn pay: zip." It seems that Harvey Weinstein is in court battling NBC/ CEO chief Jeff Zucker over some narisha zach about "Project Runway" and the move from Bravo to Lifetime. When Harvey took the stand he testified "he disliked Bravo management." "That would surely mean Bravo president Lauren Zalaznick." More than one source used the H word in describing the relationship: "They hate each other." I cannot stand her either. She doesn't respond to viewer concerns. I sent her a certified letter about all those dopey bannings at TWoP. Did you hear from her? That's how I heard from her. She's gotta go.
Jeff Zucker, "a competitive guy"
Jeff Zucker doesn't answer his certified mail from viewers either. So, in my book he may be a billionaire... but he is just a rich schmuck. Go get 'em, Harvey!

Harvey... have your people call my people. We can invite a group and do dinner at DaSilvano and talk shit about Bravo. I will be the keynote speaker. I can read the comments from TWoP banned members that were written at Lee Stranahan's site. And when we hear "Jeff Zucker doesn't give 2 shits" we can raise our glasses and toast.
Oh, who are my people? I will gather a few trolls and sockpuppets and get back to you.

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