Wednesday, February 18, 2009

an angry punim

OMG! I just looked at a photo of a young woman and she is about 30 years younger than I am. How can she look almost my age? I may be old, but I look great. How about a young woman who looks OLD? Crazy! She also looks mean and angry. All that meanness has aged her before her time.

Here are some tips:
1. buy a line filler; I recommend Leigh Valentine
2. use a firming moisturizer; I rec Estee Lauder
3. use an under eye concealer; I rec YSL
4. use a good foundation; I rec Dior
5. use a nice blush; I rec La Prairie

And find your smile!
translated: I'd rather be "crazy" than ugly.




Marjorie said...

I wrote that to a woman on the internet who loves to call me "crazy." I would rather spend live with a lifetime of crazy than to have her mean and angry face for one day.