Saturday, February 14, 2009

the love of an audience

I did another comedy show tonight and I so nailed it! I am at the top of my stand-up comedy game. Of course, I recycled the bit where I read my anonymous comments (which I had printed with the internet path details and message IDs when they arrived in E-mails for moderation). I read them like they were Valentines!

An audience member followed me when I left the stage after my set and at the bar he told me the use of the "c" word and the taunts about being "old" indicate Mr. Anonymous is a rather young guy. The comics were passing around those E-mails and analyzing them more than the Warren Commission analyzed who shot JFK. I couldn't be bothered. I left the papers with the idiotic comments with them and went out for some pizza.

When I returned, they were not laughing and told me that was some scary Jason-like shit and they all concluded Mr. Anonymous was a sort of Ted Bundy type, if you will... with a little bit of Jeffrey Dahmer mixed in. And he calls ME demented?

They also said he sees me as having had some impact on his life. He is not just some angry reader of my blog. His sociopathic rage in his comments speaks volumes. He's in "fightin' back" mode. Was it my "RedLipstick?"

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