Monday, February 16, 2009


There is another suspect that comes to mind and could indeed be my "anonymous" commenter. He frothed at the mouth whenever I made a blog entry at the Soapbox. Everything I typed threatened his creativity and made him furious. His eyeballs were glued to my font. It was really weird.

He actually accused me of being the "catalyst" who had the ability to bring a site with hundreds of members to a "state of crisis!" And that "state of crisis" was over total nonsense I wrote in my own blog! He challenged me every step of the way. A "state of crisis" lmao. A "state of crisis" when all he had to do was never open my blog page and render me invisible. He got so nuts from me he actually packed up and moved all his blogs to another site.

That had to be the most idiotic mentality. My tongue-in-cheek entries were followed more than Tokyo Rose's broadcasts during WW 2. Then, when their heads were about to explode, they actually complained to a putz who reacted and threw me off the site. He never took the time to rationally and objectively look at the matter and tell them their complaints were without merit. He should have told them to stop reading my blogs. A mensch would have said: What do you care what she writes? The blogs are uncensored (at least that is what he claimed and it was a great source of his pride). But instead, he had a "majority rules" position. Well, in Nazi Germany majority ruled, too. And for those who don't "get" analogies.... NO, I am not comparing myself to what happened in Germany, fools. I am showing how a mob mentality can not always make decisions or have beliefs that are correct.

Look at the: "note on blog etiquette":
"This is a community - and the community members make the rules. This site is governed by its members and will continue to be governed by its members. If you do something to upset all the neighbors on your block, it's not the neighbors that caused the problem. Happy blogging!"

How idiotic is that? Here's another anology. If I put a menorah on my front lawn and the neighbors on the block all complain, are the neighbors correct in their "governing?" Man, THIS is what gets me nuts, lol. Stupidity!!!!

So... I give you suspect number two: a bitter and angry comic (not the site owner) who also might need anger management. I am sure that "c" word rips right off his tongue many times a day. And for some reason, I got him nuts and might still be getting him nuts. If it is indeed him I have two words: move on. Don't hate me as much as you hate "bringers."

I will copy a few of my entries that got them most nuts and paste them below. I hope they make you laugh. Just don't foam at the mouth. Please.

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