Friday, February 6, 2009

dead giveaways

"I mean that sincerely"
That phrase (in a comment) could only be used by a goat-getter. Why would I think he doesn't mean it sincerely? If I visited a blog and liked the content, I would say, "This is great." The end. Why would I add a disclaimer thinking my comment might not be thought of sincerely? The commenter knows his intent and is trying to counteract what he expects to be the reaction. He wants me to publish his comment and in a response be flattered, and that is how he would get his inside laugh. But, the phrase is a dead giveaway. I smell a prankster... wearing the de rigueur "anonymous" costume.
Some people play with friends, some people play with toys and dolls, and some people get their kicks from visiting my blog and trying to get my goat! It's all good. Whatever floats your boat.


Anonymous said...

You are a truly demented bitch. Someone leaves you a perfectly nice compliment, and you turn it into something ugly.

This is why everyone hates you, and you have no friends.

Marjorie said...

And YOU are fixated on the blog of a "truly demented bitch." Who is the nut in this equation? lmao

Everyone hates me and I have no fwiends?? You sound like a 6 year-old on a school playground... Get over me!
AWWWWWWWWW, poor me!

Now that is why I belong to "Lucy's Friends of the Friendless!"

Anonymous said...

this is a message for you, not for the blog.
you have more than one anonymous commentator
why anonymous? it should be obvious for anyone who has had dealings with you
sincerely was meant sincerely. there is a person underneath all that meanness-i saw that person and i wanted to say something positive
i'm not fixated on your blog
why do people watch train wrecks, it's entertainment.
get help
i promise i won't be back
maybe other anonymous commentators will remain