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Pass the Bucket
Posted on 11/28/2007 at 11:08 PM

Oh, how they do empower me so! So, I am the "catalyst" who has the ability to bring a site with hundreds of members to a "state of crisis?" My sole purpose for being on this site is to "create conflict?" (Maybe he never read any of my blogs filled with poetry and fables. Perhaps he never saw at the site my commentary about art, reviews of films, pieces on day trips, narratives about museums, or even my analysis of the finale of "The Sopranos.")

He goes on to advise others how to handle who he perceives as the online "mentally ill." He throws around a diagnosis of "crazy" as the quintessential anathema. I would love to know from which school he received his credentials and degree. I would be interested in seeing his notes based on his intake interviews and follow-up evaluations. It appears he has created some cyberspace Thematic Apperception Test and taken it to a surreal level. Or maybe he listened to some gossip from people who I actually might perceive to be disordered and dysfunctional: scattered, frenetic, symbiotic, and nonprioritized. This is hardly the place for "mental health face-offs."

Let's be clear and honest. The rage came from an inability to "get to me" and my (OK, redundant) comebacks were too disarming, self-effacing, and just too damn good. What followed was a common spin: the clarity of the sequence of events was somehow lost, twisted, morphed, and bent in order to satisfy an agenda... and then to resolve the inner frustration several pretended or chose to believe they hurt me. They created parodied reactions and copied and pasted lines out of comedic context in order to prove points. They even drew an absurd and without merit personality profile and then wrote foolish and puerile scenarios to satisfy the characterisitics for which I was assigned. And everything was always peppered with "crazy," "crazy," and more "crazy." The nomenclature on paper seemed so noncreative and mundane. "Ouch!"

I hesitate to draw from truth, because it can appear defensive. So, I will be brief. For those who honestly believe I have no life, I can assure you I am quite self-actualized, active, productive, and happy. And if a "bringer" comic is all I will ever be, that is quite fine with me. That's not an insult; it's my entelechy.

Nothing is more transparent than a bunch of hot air. I recoil from lemmings and I loathe patronization. You want to ignore me, do it. And get on with your comedy. I impact nobody's career. Shit or get off the pot already and realize I am a blip on the "Soapbox" radar. Get over me. I can stay off your blogs and thwart the "delete" button; but with or without interactive comments at my blog, I am here to stay. And on a lighter touch, enjoy:

"Don't fuck with me fellas. This ain't my first time at the rodeo."

addendum 2/16/09: Yep! They ALL think I am crazy. Whatever. Get me that sweet mental disability pension. Send the documentation.... please.

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