Thursday, February 19, 2009

commentary on "snark"

I can't be bothered. The only one I might "snark" is my anonymous commenter. Why? He started; I fight back. And when I play with him (or her) I am doing charity work. I provide anger relief. I have to admit I claimed my anonymous commenter as a deduction for charity work on my tax return.

Over at BBB, they have engaged in that idiotic "snarking" activity on "Robert Blue" and elevated him to an almost mythical cult status. He is more popular than William Hung and Sanjaya.

I would love to see those who "snark" so I can put a face to a name. There is always a common barometer. They all do not own a mirror.

My bully does not realize I thrive on this. I wear a shield of Gardol and I outwit, outplay, and outlast the fool everytime. And I do it without even knowing who he is. I do it with one typing hand tied behind my back. It's not even a level playing field because he can identify me. He knows his target. What a coward. And a sociopath. I should do the city a service and bring those "E-mails for comment moderation" to the police. He could be dangerous.

I will open comments later with one objective in mind. To catch this special brand of cyber-creep. I might actually forward those comments to Chris Hansen. Hmmmmm.....

Whoa! "Snark" rhymes with....

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