Monday, February 16, 2009

cryptic clues

Some cryptic clues arrived in an E-mail. Here it is:

The anonymous commenter
You think is an "I"
Is in fact a "we."
It's not Scarlett or Rhett
'Tis a safe bet there's a sidekick
But there may be more
And this is what they adore.
And when the clock strikes 11
They were out the door.

The E-mail came with a photo and I am totally clueless.


Anonymous said...

Your E-mailer is cold. It's somebody who resembles a werewolf. And he is the angriest guy on the block.

funny girl said...

It's the top cheese who never stands alone at the "box."

RobertaPurple said...

It's somebody from Sweet and Dumb that is more fixated on you than on my brother.

Staff watcher said...

Excuse me? It was one of those two NBCUStaffers who thought they were so "inside" at Lee Stranahan's site.

Anonymous said...

No! It's ME ME ME. You old demented F and C!