Thursday, February 12, 2009

hey, schmuck?

This is from "anonymous": "No, you were banned on Soapbox because you're a loathsome old c**t. You were banned on Soapbox because you're a f**king mental patient. You were banned on Soapbox for the same reason you are banned on every site you've ever tried to join: Because everyone you come into contact with hates you and wishes you would die."

Ouch! This comment gets a sticker award and an encore for sheer stupidity and idiotic rage. (This guy acts like I Bernie Madoffed him!) And why, may I ask, is he so invested in my bans and why do I make him froth and foam so much at the mouth? My bans bother "anonymous" more than "Myra Breckinridge" bothered the audience on a cold day in 1970.
Perchance, does he delusionally think he is involved with me on some level? Many sociopaths hallucinate that they have a strong relationship with the target of their anger. Did my letter to TWoP impact him in some way of which I am unaware? Did my hilarious posts at the Soapbox make him feel like a diminished comic? Did my "big words" make him feel untutored? Did I send him a certified lawyer's letter?

Well, my friend... let it go. This cannot be healthy for you. You wish I would die? Take a hike, cyber-sociopath! Hahahahahaha, go ban 20 people! You may reach entelechy! I conclude I have sweat you more than my armpits sweat in a shvitz bath at Lido Beach in 101 degree heat.

My mother shows how to handle insulting commentary in her bawdy and irreverent homage to the great Max Reger. This was Mr. Reger's response to a savage reviewer: "I am sitting in the smallest room of my house. I have your review before me. In a moment it will be behind me."

We should all, at various times, take a page from Max's book.


Marjorie said...

Boo! Get lost! rofl

Gloria said...

Bravo, Marj! Standing ovation!