Wednesday, February 25, 2009

laughter is the best medicine

Well, I reread my anonymous commenters comments and I must say laughter is the best medicine. He said I raged? Uh, I LAUGHED. The one who resorts to name-calling is the rager, and he sure did pull out all the stops when it came to name-calling.
Let's do an instant replay:
demented old cunt (ouch!)
demented old bitch
everyone wishes you would die (who's "everyone?" I thought I never left the house and did not know anybody... well. sorry to disappoint you... not yet, not yet)
one of the many voices in your fucked up head (and they all love my blog)

Let's take a vote. Who is raging? The only thing that would get a nut to rage like the above is if I got him fired. I am unaware that I got anybody fired. So, let's think of other reasons a kook on the internet would visit my blog and go postal like this.
Maybe s/he thinks he is siding with the mods and getting some tuchas lekker points, lol. "Oh, go look at what I wrote to Marjorie today. I got her real good." Maybe this sociopath hated his teachers. Maybe s/he is jealous of my ability to be outspoken and not be a follower. Whatever it is, I get this anonymous freak insane. Or my letters to TWoP did.

My message to him or her: find a life. All you do is amuse me and give me somethig to type about. And the topic never grows old; it never grows stale. Why? I am demented and I LOVE IT. For real. Ask anybody who knows me. Wait! Nobody knows me.

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