Friday, February 20, 2009

a rap

Ode to a Fifth Floor Compactor Room

I don't wanna be subliminal
But, I can make a point by being minimal
It is not mythological
I think it's quite psychological
Why can't trash be put down the chute?
The question is no longer moot
I saw a hot mess left in there and cried
Here’s hopin’ my “dawgs” do abide
By followin’ the common rules of the bellibone
The fifth floor will have a more heuristic tone
I am not claimin’ to cure palinoia this day
All of us shouldn’t want it any other way
I am just a mere fustian respondin’ to flappin’ lips
Who love foilin' this phat dame’s clean-up tips
I say to that stale yappin’ and such
I heard it all before a thousand times too much
Arnold Schwarzenegger may be "The Terminator"
But Miss Levine is: "Da KEwLeST EduCaToR"
I wanted to be heard
Peace out: Werdddddddddddddd!

by Marjorie Levine
"supportive comments" allowed, lmao.

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