Sunday, February 8, 2009

tsk, tsk

"Get help" a commenter advises. Interesting. On what expert data does she base that astute advice? Perhaps she concludes I need "help" because I fail to be hurt and wounded by the comments at my blog. Perhaps my reaction to those comments indicates to her that I am "crazy." Maybe she does not like that my blog content is all self-involved and she feels it should be more commentary on the lives of others. Perhaps she doesn't get this is comedy. Or maybe she is personally foaming at the mouth from the way I reacted to my "ban."
Interesting. Well, I am so not interested in the lives of others. I would not spend half a minute typing about "RobertBlue." I am self-involved and so of course this will be all about me. It's my blog.
And why am I not bothered by those vituperative-intended comments? It is quite simple. I have excellent self-esteem and nothing a total stranger on a computer types gets through my shield of Gardol. It is all comedy to me and strongly serves to support my opinion that many people have "computer courage."
The commenter advises: "Get help." Perhaps it is she who needs help for sitting on a computer and being so involved in what a total stranger writes on her blog.... a woman who probably does more in one month than she does in a year.
Excellent self-esteem: cultivate it. Learn the art and your blood pressure may thank-you.
And for all those who read this blog and conclude I "need help" this is my advice. If you are unemployed, perhaps you should consider getting a job administering online Thematic Apperception Tests. Cyber analysis does seem to be your area of expertise.
Tsk, tsk.


Fran said...

As usual this is hilarious. Who are these people Marj who are so damn obsessed with you and this blog? Why do they think you have no friends and everybody hates you? That is so childish. It is based on nothing concrete. I never read anything so damn idiotic.
Don't they see that when they write the worst things that they think will devastate you that all you do is laugh and put it up?
Oh well, let them have their fun.

Linda S. Socha said...

i ENJOY YOUR BLOG...Thanks for doing it. I like the way you have put it together and it gave me a few ideas for a scrapbook my family has wanted me to do. Hope all is well with you and your project.

Marjorie said...

Thanks Linda. Best of luck with your scrapbook.

See people? A mensch posts a comment under a real name! A babyish coward hides behind a computer screen and writes vitriol. Tis not I who needs help. It is all those with such high levels of unresolved anger... who visit this blog as "anonymous" and cannot get over me. Diagnosis: COMPUTER COURAGE.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Too bad Fran doesn't actually exist; it's obvious that she's simply one of the many voices in your fucked up head.

Marjorie said...

Say wah?