Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"find marjorie in summer camp"

I hated this Camp Baumann. The ride to camp was excruciating. There was more noise made on that bus than fans at the Super Bowl. On "best hat day" the idiotic boys ripped off all the soaps my mother had hung on my silly hat.
The girls that attended were the original "mean girls." One was more nasty than the next. The girls idea of fun was to tease about everything. They would even ridicule your color selections for your laniard.
Look at their mean and ugly faces. If any of those girls ever happen to find this blog... F**K YOU!


Anonymous said...

middle row..1st on the right.


Steven Klapow said...

Found your blog by Googling "Camp Baumann" -- I was curious to see whether the camp still existed.

For what it's worth, I went there when I was 10 and was miserable.